A peaceful echo for Mir

Our little Mir visited Sheba Medical Center hospital today for an echo. The echo revealed Mir’s pacemaker is working very well for him. I was impressed by this little man though. He didn’t cry at all during the whole echo. The only thing he did was to move his legs a lot, so we had to hold them. All in all, this was one of the most peaceful echos I’ve been witness to so far at my time with Shevet.

If you had not heard the machines, you could have fallen asleep. Mir’s mother had a few questions about Mir for the doctor, thankfully she speaks Arabic. The friendly doctor explained everything to her and even drew a picture for her to make things easier for her to understand. That was very nice and helpful of him. The outcome of the Echo is that the doctor wants to discuss the case of Mir again with other doctors. After that, they will know what kind of surgery they want to do to repair his TGA, and if he needs just one surgery or more. Please join me in the prayer that this little precious boy may continue to be so calm. May his mother remain calm and patient about the whole situation also.