A perfect little girl

After our enjoyable first meeting earlier in the week, Ghada’s mum and I recognised each other in another part of Sheba Hospital today. She told me that the doctor has said that Ghada’s glucose level is now within a normal range, and therefore she is quite likely to be returning home perhaps tomorrow or the day after! So of course, co-worker Sebastian and I needed to visit them both in case this is one of  the last opportunities to say our goodbyes.

In Ghada’s room, it is striking to see how beautifully her parents have set everything up, to make it as close as possible to the room which every little girl should have. She is a treasure to them, and quite a star; she even has her own Instagram page, documenting the beauty in these difficult almost-five  months of her life.

Mum told us how much she has appreciated everything so much at Sheba, but most of all that in this hospital she is allowed to be with Ghada all the time, and to hold her and kiss her and to really be a mother to her.

They are looking forward very much to returning home. They will have a very big party in celebration of her birth and her life.