A place of love and safety

Today, at Sheba Medical Center, I had the privilege of holding Zakaria for the first time! As I held him I was praying silently in thanksgiving to God  that this was happening; one of the hardest things I’ve experienced was awaiting his surgery to come off of the ECMO machine, and now today I held this sweet boy.

It was a few minutes before he wanted to return to the much more familiar arms of his m0ther, but at any rate I treasured this time. He is still struggling with restlessness, but after many inquiry tests, the best hypothesis is that his restlessness is doe to an intense period of post-operative care, and this will take time for him to adjust and situate his surroundings.

I was recently reading from the works of a Catholic theologian.  He expounded on the metaphysical significance of the first experience a person has in beholding the love of their mother.  Amidst all the trauma Zakaria has undergone in his first few months of life, his mother is a place of love and safety, and I pray that this would bring him peace.