A positive outcome for Ghada

Beautiful Ghada had surgery to fix the coarctation of her aorta. Co-worker Nicolle and I met her parents today,  a really lovely couple, and close in age to myself. It was really cool to talk with Ghada’s mum and hear a bit of her story.

It’s rare that two parents are in attendance for the surgery, but there was a steady, silent reassurance between them as they waited, which was beautiful to witness.

The surgery lasted four hours before Ghada was out, and now she is in recovery! Nicolle and I saw her mum again before we left, and she looked very happy to be breaking her fast (due to a Muslim holiday) with the other mums in the hospital! They have a really wonderful, inclusive, and supportive community between themselves.

Thank God for this good day, Ghada was the first of three surgeries, and really, we praise the name of Jesus for the positive outcome for Ghada.