A Postponed Cath

We went to the hospital with the hope to stay with Lana’s mom while Lana was having her cath, however Mom, lana and us knew that there was the possibility of not having the procedure today because the doctors had an emergency child that was for a long time in the OR.

When we arrived to Lana’s room the doctor was with them, praise to the Lord that Taman’s uncle was with us so he was able to translate what the doctor wanted to say. She explained about the emergency child they had and that Lana’s cath was postpone for next week, Lana came back home with us and hopefully next Monday she will need to come back and be admitted for a cath on Tuesday. Mom and Lana took it well because they are so beautiful. Please pray for Tuesday to be the day for Lana’s cath, for peace and strength for them in this time that they are far away from home.