A precious day in the Gaza Clinic

Today was definitely my nicest experience ever in the Gaza clinic. I can’t put into words how much I love, love, love these kids and their mums. Spending time with these beautiful children is nothing but balm for the soul.

The morning was crazy busy. The echo department was overflowing with people from all over the world. Of course mainly children from Gaza and the West Bank, but also from Ethiopia. In addition, there where reporters who interviewed the people the doctors, nurses and 0ther hospital staff. It has always been a great help and joy to work with the hospital staff at Wolfson Medical Center. It’s so lovely how different organizations work together to help these children.

Today’s visit included roughly seven children from The Gaza Strip who received permission to come to the Wolfson hospital. Four were admitted for a catheterization or surgery, the other three were given follow up appointments.

Of this group, my best friend became most definitely seven year old Ahmed.

He was smiling all the time and was so committed to everything he was doing….drawing

being Dr Ahmed…

Really remarkable was Saed’s admission to me.

When I saw him first he looked so hardcore. But as soon as we arrived to the children’s unit, he started to weep. He was so terrified. I sat next to him and took him in my arms but he wouldn’t stop. The mum asked if we could tell him that he will only have a catheterization and not a surgery. But the Arabic nurse (which was so loving and helpful) saidshe wouldn’t lie to him. I told her how much I appreciate that. What amazed and surprised me was that during his blood test the twelve year old boy didn’t make a sound. He was so so brave. It was quite hard for me to leave him and his beautiful mum. She took some pictures of me and her son and some selfies before I left.

Another special moment was when I was holding Mohammed. His mum gave him to someone else and he stared crying so I offered to take him. He didn’t stop looking at me and when I started singing he moved his little legs to the beat.

What I thought in the end is,  I am so so grateful to be part of this. To play a little, insignificant role in saving the live’s of these children that are so beautiful and made in God’s image.