A providential visit

What we thought was supposed to be simply a quick check up involving an echocardiogram and EKG ended up being another example of God knowing better. Kenan underwent multiple procedures at Sheba in 2021 and his mother assumed all was well as he is now active and thriving. He and his mother had a difficult time getting through the Gaza checkpoint. In fact, we were worried they may miss the window of time needed in order to make it to Sheba. However, after a two hour wait and multiple prayers, they were through, and we were on our way!

The first echo was difficult for sweet Kenan. He was scared and tired. No doubt he remembered the surgeries he endured last year. The echo took longer than usual – the technician performed it several times and even brought in another to repeat the test. The echo showed a thrombus, or blood clot. While the diagnosis was most definitely not what we anticipated, it is a beautiful example of God’s Providence and protection. This appointment was long in coming and almost didn’t happen. But for God… He brought Kenan to Sheba so they could find the clot, which if left untreated would be life threatening.

He remains in the pediatric ICU tonight with his mother awaiting treatment. Please join us in praise of our God whose will is done on earth as it is in heaven. We also ask you to join us in prayer for successful treatment for the thrombus as well as a quick and painless recovery.