A quick intervention

My colleague Amar asked me with some urgency this morning, please, can I contact the hospital to find out what’s happening with Ahmed. Amar, who coordinates all of our families coming from Gaza, explained that he has had phone calls from the concerned and loving family of Ahmed wanting to know how their precious baby is. As the aunty who is with him is unable to contact the family back home, it must heighten the ‘into the unknown’ feeling of faith mixed with fear, which the family have; almost blindly sending newborn Ahmed into Israel with the hopes to save his life.

Thankfully, we were able to tell the family that on Friday, the day after his admission, Ahmed had a procedure via catheterisation, which created a hole in between the two atria, allowing moreĀ  oxygenated blood to flow around the body.

The hospital staff have seen a good outcome, even thinking that it’s likely that he can be discharged back home in a few days. This is good to hear. Hopefully he will recover and grow well, and return in the future for a surgery. We know that it is all in the hands of God. He knows the best plansĀ  and timings. We are thankful that so far the outcome has been good for this little one.