A Quick Recovery

I reviewed a photograph of Nyaz from her mum first thing this morning, in which she is drinking milk. So when we arrived at the hosptial, I knew already that God has done a great healing in Nyaz’ body through the hands of the doctors and nurses here.

Nyaz’ mum was sitting with the mother of Marya and the father of Sahand, as we arrived upstairs with Mateen’s mum. There is a nice little community of Kurdish families in the hospital at the moment.

The update from the doctor was brief, but completely positive, and it is clear to see that Nyaz is doing so well already, just 1 day after surgery. She is extubated and awake, alert and so happy. She still has chest drains in. The other wonderful thing is of course the transformation in her mum; the weight of worry has lifted, and she was full of joy.

Please keep praying that Nyaz will heal well and we can have her home soon.