A quiet and peaceful Malak

Today Malak had an echo. Before we went into the echo room, I took her in my arms and she took a small nap.

After that, the nurses took her weight and registered her oxygen level. Malak was very quiet and didn´t complain at all.

When the nurse was doing the echo, Malak cried a little bit at the end, but she was still very peaceful.

While we waited for the doctors, Malak drank some milk and fell asleep again in my arms. Her mother was very grateful that I made her fall asleep. The doctor said that Malak has gained enough weight for her surgery. Her oxygen level is too low though, so that she is going to stay with us in our community home for a couple of days. The doctors will decide what the next steps are for Malak, which will probably be to do the surgery next week.