A Real Miracle

When Svea told me “Today Roman is going to be discharged”, I though she was joking, because yesterday they told us that he will need another surgery for his diaphragm. So I went to the secondary ICU to check the information. But no, it was true, he was going to be discharged. So, as the doctor completed his reports at the nurse’s desk, I asked for more information and he told me, Roman was ready to go home. Roman had a good response to the medication and respiratory physiotherapy so he didn’t need a surgery for his diaphragm. The last echo and chest x-ray were good, and his oxygen levels were also within normal ranges. I was really so surprised, but I remembered that we have an amazing and big God, and he can make so many miracles in Roman’s life. It was such a pleasure to take Roman and his mom home, because I also took him to the hospital for the first time. For me it was very special. And also, he only needs one medication and vitamins. He is a real miracle! Mom is always lovely and smiling. She was really happy for his progress and also to go home with us.
Roman’s is going to have his follow up in one week, please pray for his soon and complete recovery and that his mom has a good time in our home.