A really little baby in God’s hands

Today when I visited the lovely mother of Abed at Sheba hospital, she told me doctors are planning to do a surgery for baby Abed to correct a lung problem, possibly this week. He is taking antibiotics at the moment because he has the hospital bacteria in his blood that many children get when they are there. Abed is really a small baby; you can’t see him very well in the pictures as he is often under his blanket and I’m not allowed to enter his room when I visit due to this bacteria.

Understandably, Abed’s mother is worried about him. Medical staff has reassured her they will take proper steps in the right order for Abed, lung problem or not, to the best of their ability. Please join me in prayer that she may feel God’s peace in the whole difficult situation, and will practice patience during all her time in the hospital. Abed’s little life is in God’s hands, for which I’m thankful. I hope his mother can have the same point of view.