A reward of Cheetos

Written by Selena:

Today Bavia had his first echo and general assessment tests done at Sheba Hospital. He bravely sat on the table and allowed the doctors to listen to his heart.

Though his mother looked nervous at points, she seemed in good spirits as well. Bavia got blood drawn as well and got a reward of Cheetos.


Written by Zechariah:

Bavia is a very brave little boy. He took the blood test with more courage than any child I’ve seen at Shevet; only a tiny flinch in response to his needle. I was very impressed.

The examining doctor is a little worried over Bavia’s condition, as this brave young man came over two years past the recommended date for his next surgery. But we trust God.

Bavia will need dental work and a catheterization before moving forward with any surgery; pray for his well-being and for God’s saving grace.