A Royal Diadem in the Hand of Our God

When I came to the pediatric ward I didn’t know where I had to look for little Shahad. All I had was a guess that she might be in Room 7. So I started my search there. As I entered the room I was welcomed with a lovely wide smile from this little girl. A smile that was contagious, a smile that was brave and a smile that showed her beautiful heart at this young age. But it wasn’t only Shahad that welcomed me warmly, her mum gave me a very lovely hug as well. Even though the possibility of discharge was mentioned, Shahad has to stay a few days longer due to a new treatment. Little Shahad and her mum didn’t seem discouraged by that, it was quite the contrary because
both kept smiling at me. Shahad is such a beautiful and brave girl and I pray that she will someday get to know Jesus and his love for her. I was reminded of Isaiah 62:3:

“You will be a crown of splendor in the Lord’s hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God.”

My prayer is that little Shahad will encounter this worth that she has in God’s hand. That her beauty will not only shine from the outside but also through what is filling her on the inside which is God’s love for her. Please pray for a good response to the new medication and fast discharge.