A Scare for Mum

Dino is back in ICU, and during our visits today, he required CPR whilst his mum was in the room with him. Understandably, this was such a terrible shock for his mum. The hospital was not able to give us too much information about the reason for the heart failure, except that it was a sudden onset, which happened for a very short period of time. They were pleased to say that he was quickly stabilised and back to the condition he was in before.


But for his mum, this has really shaken her, as she feared for his life. We spent some time together, which was very emotional. She is a lovely mum, and I have seen how she loves her little boy so dearly. He is absolutely adorable! Here is a picture of him before he went into the hospital at home, so cute! It didn’t seem right to take a photo to share with you from today.
We can be so grateful to God for bringing Varin’s mum alongside Dino’s mum in the hospital this afternoon. They are nice friends, and it was a comfort for them to be together.
Please lift her up in your prayers, as maybe it will be a difficult night for her. Pray that she will be filled with faith, and that fear would be gone. Please pray for little Dino as well; his chest is open and he needs a touch of healing from God at this time.