A second INR blood test today

Asmaa had her second INR blood test, and thank God, her level was within the target range! She has been cheerful and talkative since coming home from the hospital. It’s hard to believe she’s had three heart surgeries.

I always love taking her and her grandma to appointments, and today as we walked into the building where the hematology clinic was, I was reminded of God’s faithfulness. Last week when we went there, we thought it would be in the children’s hospital, but it turned out to be in a totally different part of Sheba. This week I knew where to go and we even got a parking space right in front of the building, which is almost unheard of.

It’s funny how a random hospital building can turn into an ebenezer of how the Lord has shown up.
I’m so thankful to Him, for how He has guided us, and especially for Asmaa and her grandma.