A second successful surgery for Goldilocks

There were eight hours of tense nerves for Meera’s father today as his daughter underwent her second operation, for which the first one had been a preparation. As we sat together, I could see him look at his phone screen which is a picture of Meera in her hospital pajamas. It reminded me of last week when I visited Meera, she had a doll on her bed with blonde hair like the doll’s, and I tried to explain that we use the term “goldilocks” to her father for blonde hair like Meera’s. Sure enough, he put on an Arabic cartoon of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Meera has a big and beautiful personality, so for the surgery days and subsequent days of intubation, her absence is glaring. After she came out of the operation, Meer’s nurse said she didn’t like seeing Meera in this state because this isn’t her. The Meera we know is the toddler with pigtails, curious eyes wide open. But thank God this second surgery has been successful. Her father embraced the surgeon when he came out to say that everything had gone well. Please keep Meera in your prayers, especially for the process of extubating her.