A second try…..

After Arkan’s last Cath had to be rescheduled, we were very happy to take him to the hospital for a second try today. Arkan was smiling with excitement for finally having his Catheterization. On the way to the car he just smiled immensely. Still the Shevet Family didn’t let their beloved Arkan go without a proper goodbye. Everyone gathered around the car and prayed for Arkan’s and Rahaf’s admission. The love that was shown through this touched Arkan’s heart.

As we arrived at the hospital Georgia and I thought that admitting both Rahaf and Arkan might take a few hours. But the spoken blessings from the Shevet Family took place right away.

Arkan who has been to the hospital quite a few times now started his admission on his own.

With his incredibly fast improving English, Arkan told Tali that he was here to do his Cath. Arkan took the rest of the admission process as excellent as at the beginning. Going to the Radiology, doing an X-Ray and going back to his room was handled by Arkan with a steady smile and professionalism. His admission was because of God’s blessing, quick and easy. Please pray that the upcoming Cath will be blessed as well and will be done tomorrow.