A single sorrowful tear

Neena formed a single tear as she sorrowfully looked up at her mother and I with her bold brown eyes. We could not help but to smile, because we were so thankful to see her in a non-sedated state. We are looking forward to the day, which is hopefully soon, when we can embrace Neena again.

Neena was successfully extubated from her mechanical ventilation as of yesterday evening. I have dearly missed simply holding her in my arms, and listening to her laughter. Sometimes she would laugh for a whole thirty seconds, and we cannot help but to laugh with her. She has not recovered to her normal bubbly self, but she is still the dear Neena that we all love.

In the afternoon, Neena was quite tired and she eventually fell asleep while I was stroking her head.

After Neena fell asleep, that was about the same time that Taman had entered into his diagnostic catheterization procedure. Neena’s mom joined us as we waited with Taman’s mother. Neena’s mother offered kind words of encouragement to Taman’s mother. She was able to comfort her, as she had walked through similar experiences recently. This was a very beautiful moment. Taman’s mother’s eyes were filled with tears of mixed emotions, and Neena’s mother was sharing her experiences of when Neena had a diagnostic catheterization.

This moment of vulnerability, sharing, and friendship is something that we can all learn from. Messiah Jesus, in ultimate humility and vulnerability, shared in suffering so that we could live. We are now honored to be able to call him our friend. May we all seek to learn from these experiences of sharing and caring for each other.