A Sleepy Day of Recovery

It was a good day at the hospital today, and I felt like the presence of the Holy Spirit was there, bringing joy, peace and bringing us together.

All the families except one were at the hospital today! So there was some nice company for the brother of Dleza. He was very attentive, listening out for every bleep of the ICU, thinking that maybe it was Dleza as we sat all together waiting for Mir’s surgery to be over. It is beautiful to see how steady he is in this situation, yet with such a good and caring heart towards his sister.

I feel so honoured that I have been hugely blessed to know Dleza and her brother, and hopefully I can share some of their story with you, so you can feel like you know them, just a little, although it is difficult to describe just how special Dleza is. She has a beautiful caring heart towards all of the babies who are here in Shevet, and she is a fantastic “big sister” to all of them, and for me, she is just like a fun little sister, and now she is in the hospital, I am really missing her company!

At home these last weeks, Dleza’s brother has shared his family’s story about how their town was attacked by ISIS, and about how all of the Yazidi people had to flee to the mountains. He shares how they walked and lived without food or water in the blazing heat. When we sat outside together this week in the relatively “cool” 35 degree heat (Celsius) here of Tel Aviv, and he told the story, and showed me videos from YouTube of what he and Dleza and his family have experienced, it was so difficult to hear. Dleza also has shared with me the photos of her home, made partially of breeze block and partially tent, and photos of her and her family working hard in the fields, again in the blistering heat; she has had to stop attending school. And when she speaks, I have to remind myself that she’s just 13 years old.

The brother would love to leave Kurdistan, and hopes for a better life in another country (in particular, Australia), and actually during the weeks they have been here, he is looking better rested.

Dleza herself, is the sweetest, most gentle person. She is learning English very fast during her time here, and is a good friend with everyone. She is also a great dancer, and lots of fun.

Today in the hospital, she is clearly recovering well. She is still extubated, but each time and of us popped in to try and see her, she was asleep. It’s good to see her resting and her body recovering from the surgery.

Thank God for this very special life, please please pray for Dleza’s health and recovery, and for the future for her and her family. Come and move, Holy Spirit.