A smart little girl

Beautiful Maryam was admitted to Sheba Medical Center today! She had a CT scan and will stay over night for her catheterization tomorrow.

She is very bright. She knows she only travels in the car when her destination is the hospital, so she understood where we were immediately. As she wept, her mum was the best comforter, always steady and calm for Maryam.

When we got to the hospital, she immediately went to their children’s play area. As she explored, I remarked to her mum that she is very intelligent, to which her mum replied, she knows she is!

After this, Maryam asked her mom for a purple balloon, which she dutifully received, and then grasped as we walked to her room in the secondary ICU. The nurses were so welcoming and kind to her. Two of them were Arabic-speaking and could communicate with her mother.

We said goodbye to each other before I left both of them! They are in such good care at Sheba hospital. Please pray for Maryam and her sweet mum!