A Smart Patient

Today I was really excited for Zinar – finally he was going to be admitted for his surgery. He and his mother waited a long time here for this moment. However our time in the house with them has been so special. His mother is really lovely and a real helper, and Zinar is so smart he is like my professional translator.

This morning we took them to the hospital. Mom was very happy, Zinar seemed so peaceful and strong. When we arrived the head nurse spoke with him in English. She was very happy that her patient was speaking English. They performed an echo, checked vital signs, ECG, and a chest X-ray. Also they explained everything to mom and Dad (through the phone) and answered their questions. Hopefully tomorrow he is going to have his surgery very early in the morning. It doesn’t seem to be a complicated surgery, however please keep Zinar’s life in your prayers – for a good surgery, and a complete and a fast recovery. We know that God will take care of Zinar and his mom.

He is a really special boy. When the nurse took us to the Zinar’s room he was very happy because the room was only for them. Later the anesthesiologist came and explained a little more what will be going on tomorrow. Also he was very excited that his patient can speak English, Arabic and Kurdish, and also he is learning a little Spanish with me. In the afternoon we were really starving and God gave us a nice lunch. I needed to leave the hospital, but before I left I gave them a big hug. They really have a beautiful and special heart and I know that God has a precious plan for Zinar’s life. Please help me to pray for them.