A smile that is remembered

Today is the Rosh Hashana, the Feast of  Trumpets and the new year in Israel. In our morning studies, we talked about how to show the love of God to the people around us. Often it could be such simple things like giving a smile.

Later in the day, when we went to Sheba Hospital to the Pediatric ICU, we got good good news that little Maryam was no longer in the ICU, but on a pediatric ward. When we arrived at the ward, Maryam’s grandmother recognized me right away.  She said with a big smile, “Oh, it is you who made Maryam smile last time you were here!” I realized how much these visits mean for the parents and relatives that can spend weeks and sometimes months in the hospital.

When we talked with Maryam’s doctor, we were assured that Maryam was on the right track. Her grandmother told us that the previous night had been a rough one with not so much sleep, as Maryam had been awake. We had a good time talking via Google translate, with some laughter, some tears.

Coworker Tineke joined me on the visit and asked Maryam’s grandmother how she was feeling; you could see that our caring for her well-being touched her heart. So this compels me to ask that you please pray for the well-being both of the children and their relatives when you consider praying for this unique work.

For Maryam in particular, please pray that she will continue to gain weight.