A smiley boy

I saw Daryan’s mum when I got to the hospital today, and she quickly asked if I wanted to come and see Daryan. It’s the first time I saw him since his big surgery just a few days ago. He was lying quietly in his bed, but when I greeted him, he gave me the most beautiful smile. I was really touched by this, it was a lovely feeling to realise that he recognised me.

In fact, Daryan was in a sweet and excellent mood, and we watched some music videos together. He kept checking with me and his mum that we also were enjoying the music, and he rocked back and forwards with his little hand up in the air trying to dance from the confines of his bed. He is a true Kurdish little man!

It was also really nice to experience how relaxed his mum is now that she can tell his recovery is clearly going so well after this big surgery.

Later in the day, Daryan was moved into the secondary ICU. It looks like it won’t be too long until we will be welcoming him back to Shevet!