A song he will never forget

Today was the bittersweet day where we finally had to say goodbye to our good friends Hussein and his mother. After more than three months in Israel, two surgeries and very much waiting time we could finally send Hussein with a healed heart back to Kurdistan. I realized even more what a blessing and miracle it is that he is doing so well now after other kids just recently died. Thank you Lord for all you did in his life!

In his entire time here Hussein just brought so much joy into our lives. Especially the last weeks he mostly spent his days with us together in the staff house. He was “helping” us with our work, playing with us or just sitting next to us and singing a song. He loved to go with us outside to the park with Shevie, by bike to the beach or join us on a run with his little scooter. And we had fun teaching him words in English, Spanish and German while he was trying to teach us his own unique dialect of Kurdish.

His mother was such a lovely caring friend, sister and mother to all of us and we are so thankful for all she did for us, for her patience and the trust she had in us. Spending time with her and going with her through good and hard days was such a blessing. We love her so much and will never forget her!

Today I had the honor to bring the two of them along with another family to the airport and at the same place where I welcomed this cute little boy three month and six days ago, we now had to say goodbye. From everything Hussein loved here, he probably loved the most our song “Shevet Achim” that he used to sing all day long. And so this was the last song we were singing all together at the airport before we were sending them home.

Even though Hussein probably won’t remember a lot of things he has experienced here, this song he will probably never forget.

And God this is my prayer for them as they are on their way home right now: that they will remember their time here as a time where they could see how good it is when brothers live together in unity. That one day they will understand that the love we have for each other and for them is only a glimpse of the love that YOU have for Hussein and his mother. Please bless them and their time back home with all the challenges that lie in front of them. You will never forget them!