A Special Heart

“Yes, Ali has a special heart,” said the cardiologist today while she was reading and performing a new echo for Ali. But what is also special is the care God has for this very special boy. Ali was crying at the time of the echo but at the end he fell asleep. His oxygen levels have been very low in the past few days. Finally today he has been admitted for his assessment cath.

The surgeons want to check his lung pressure and want to understand and get more information about Ali’s heart anatomy because he has a very complex heart. This is why they are going to perform the cath first. After gathering all this information, the cardiologist will decide how to do the operation. The doctor explained everything related to the cath.

Possible (but low-risk) complications of the cath include: needing a blood transfusion and it was a really special moment when Ali’s mother told the doctor that her mother and grandmother are Kurdish-Jews and she consented that Ali could receive Israeli blood. The doctor also explained all risks related to anesthesia. They will perform another echo while he is sleeping. The mother was really thankful and relaxed. We really appreciate your prayers for both Ali and his mother.