A stable but precarious condition

Eva’s long awaited second surgery, a Glenn procedure, was today. Her mother, very aware of the risks Eva would face, cuddled with her and sang to her before releasing her to the doctors’ care at 8:00am.

Initially, we were told that the procedure would be four to five hours long, but after five hours we were told it would be another hour. Eva’s mother became increasingly anxious as the time passed, letting her mind go to dark places. Praise God we were there to pray with her for Eva, reminding each other of God’s faithfulness in bringing Eva through difficult times in the past.

After seven hours, we saw the doctor exit the operating room. He was very brief, but said that they had accomplished what they hoped to accomplish (the Glenn procedure) and explained that the additional time in surgery was spent fixing a leaky valve that they had not foreseen. So, we praised God and sat down to wait for the news that her chest was closed and that she was in recovery.

An hour later, Eva was brought out, stable, but still in a precarious position, with many doctors conferring in her little ICU room. One of the doctors gently told Eva’s mother that she would be under anesthesia for another day or two to allow her body to be quiet and rest, and that a temporary pacemaker had been installed to regulate the arrhythmia that sometimes happens after surgery.

We waited and waited some more as doctor after doctor came to Eva’s room — first an x-ray, then an echocardiogram, and finally a blood transfusion, all while trying to get her oxygen saturation levels to increase. We were led back to the waiting room twice, though Eva’s mother found it hard to not be present to see what was happening. Finally, twelve hours after she left her little girl’s side, Eva’s mother received the news that she was stable and that we could go see her. Her oxygen saturation is low, but the surgeons are adamant that they want to keep her off of the dreaded ECMO if at all possible. They want to give her body a chance to get used to the changes that have been made. The team of doctors will reevaluate Eva’s condition tomorrow as the next twenty-hour hours are very important.

Please pray for our dear Eva and her mother tonight, that they would both sleep well, that Eva’s oxygen level increases, and that there would be a positive report in the morning.