A step back

Today, when coworker Joanne and I visited Abed in Sheba Medical Center, we found his mother sitting crying next to him.

Under tears, she explained to us that the doctors took him off the ventilator in the morning to see how he is breathing on his own. She talked shortly with a doctor and when she entered the room again, she said she found her son black and lifeless. Doctors reacted immediately and now Abed is back on the ventilator.

This step back is very difficult for Abed’s mother. She is depressed and really wants to go back to Gaza. She said her daughter is sick at home and she has not seen her family for nine months. We are already working on getting them back to Gaza. Today, we sat a while together, listened to her, encouraged her and prayed for Abed.

Please pray for strength and healing for Abed, that he may learn to breathe on his own. We also pray for his mother, that God encourages her and that she gains new strength. And finally, please pray that God makes a way for them to return to Gaza. Thank you for your prayers!