A story of faith

About a month ago, we had a very special celebration at our Jaffa house. As the day of Iman’s birthday loomed ever closer, there was great excitement in the air. Iman’s journey here has been a long one – she’s spent quite a large part of her life with us. It is amazing to see her growing bigger and stronger, now barely recognisable as the small baby who first arrived here. In fact none of the clothes she came in fit her anymore! To see her turn one felt like a momentous occasion for everyone!

I love these special days God gives us. There is a wonderful joyful atmosphere that brings everyone together, just like one big family. More and more over these days in lockdown, I see God at work, giving us this sense of family. The volunteers, the other mums and the older children all have a soft spot for Iman. She has so much life and character – it’s impossible not to fall in love with her! It’s been particularly special to watch her relationship with Khalid. Also recovering from surgery, Khalid has developed a special bond with Iman and the two of them can often be seen sitting out on the balcony together.

As her strength increases, Iman is becoming increasingly energetic and fascinated in the world around her. She has so much energy and really hates sitting still! Slowly Iman is now learning to walk, an expression of pure joy on her face as she stumbles across the room, gripping tightly to her mother’s hands.

Fatima, Iman’s mother is very proud of her daughter’s name. “Iman” means faith. It’s not only a beautiful testimony of everything God has brought her through; it’s also a declaration of our trust in God for her future years. As we pray for her continued health and life, we do so in the knowledge that he has every day of her life written in his book. We do so in knowledge that her life is precious to the one who formed planets and flung stars into space.