A stressful day for Mohaned

Our Mohaned had today a few appointments in the Sheba Hospital. The day started early then we could complete the schedule of the day.

As always at Sheba Hospital, there are many people and they are all waiting. Thank God, for Mohaned’s first appointment, we did not wait too long ourselves. It was the physiotherapy appointment. Mohaned doesn’t like physiotherapy at all. But the therapist explained to us how important this particular therapy is for his lungs and breathing. He became so tired after this appointment, he fell asleep directly. So we had to wait a bit for Mohaned’s next examination.

Before his Echo-cardiogram, Mohaned’s vital parameters were checked and an ECG written. While he was on the examination couch , Mohaned was crying. His mother had to comfort him a lot  and had to stay by his side.  He was peaceful only when in her arms.

A Cardiac doctor inspected Mohaned. She found his condition to be better than before and his Echo results confirmed it. The doctor is therefore planning a Catheterization for this beloved boy at some point in the near future. Thanks for keeping him in your prayers.