Behold how good and pleasant it is

Mohaned’s mother is keen to learn English, and some of the phrases that she has picked up from us are “lovely boy” and “happy boy.” Of course, there are a hundred ways to describe this beloved baby, but lovely and happy are the words which she hears the most.

He is a joy for everyone who spends time with him, and is so sociable, which makes it ever so sad to see him upset. Today’s hospital trip was firstly to the Cardiology Department, later to the Pulmonary Department, and finally for a quick Physiotherapy session.

Mohaned’s complex heart condition required a detailed, and therefore long Echocardiogram. He hated every second of it, crying non-stop until it was over and his mother gathered him into her arms. Thankfully, the cardiologist found him to be in a reasonable condition, and Mohaned will see the Doctor again in two weeks, just before his next Catheterization.

The pulmonologist was a different person from the appointment last fortnight, although she has known Mohaned from his first hospitalization period. She was amazed to see how he had grown, and was pleased to observe how he is developing; he is starting to wave, clap and reach out to take and explore objects. She explained his condition to the mother, and was very optimistic that with the continued inhalations and physiotherapy, they could expect a normal future for his health.

Physiotherapy is a tough one for Mohaned, who fights against it every time. Sadly, when the physiotherapist puts pressure on his chest to help him clear his lungs, it is very distressing for Mohaned. He cries ever so much, and his mum leant into me and clutched onto my hand as she watched her baby’s face turn dark in colour as he cried. She bravely stepped up to the therapy task and will continue to attend the physiotherapy sessions to learn how to do this.

Of course, it has been an enjoyable time in the company of Mohaned and his mum. She is a kind-hearted person, and like Mohaned, is very sociable, and friendly to all. She comforts other mums when they are distressed about their children, she helps wherever she can, and invites our staff to eat meals with them in the Shevet half-way house.

She puts action to Psalm 133: Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity.

Thank God that we are seeing the truth of this verse, through the beautiful heart of the mother of Mohaned. It is very encouraging. May she too see God revealed, as we see more of Him revealed through knowing her.