A Strong and Loving Father

It was a short drive from the Shevet home to Sheba Medical Center where Mir would undergo his second assessment for his first procedure tomorrow. As Mir’s father entered the van, he muttered under his breath, “ahumdulalla” (which means praise God in Arabic). We discussed his situation and he said, “inshalla” (which means God willing) that his son will be well again. A few minutes later, Mir wailed and his father soothed him. He attended patiently to him and played with him til he smiled again.

At the hospital, Mir really enjoyed the play area whilst waiting for his appointment.

After an hour, the nurses called for Mir. They checked his heart rate, pressure, oxygen level and weight for his procedure tomorrow. The doctor explained Mir’s heart condition and explained the catheterisation procedure tomorrow. It is going to check the pressure in his lungs to see what operation he can have. A complete repair of his heart doesn’t seem to be an option, but they can do other things to give him a life with less symptoms.

After the appointment, Father changed Mir’s diapers and gave him some biscuits to eat. 

Mir’s father comforts and assures Mir that everything will be okay. 

He shared that Mir is his first and only son. He works in the military in Iraq and has taken time off to care for his son. He has to return to work soon because there is no one that is able to replace him. It made me think about how God is our Father, he is the King of all Kings, but yet he came down to earth and washed the feet of the disciples. In the same way, Mir’s father is a strong man in the military yet sensitively loves his only son.