A Strong Family

There is a child’s bed and in it a very tiny, but also very strong baby. This was the first impression I got from little Sohaib as I entered the room. This boy hasn’t even lived a month but fights against his disease like a warrior. Shortly after his surgery Sohaib got transfered from the ICU to the pediatric wand. A true fighter. But the strength seems to run in the family, as we entered the room his grandmother smiled widely and welcomed us. While she constantly kept an eye on Sohaib, she started talking to us. During this conversation she showed us proudly pictures of her grandchildren. Even though she kept on smiling, you could see the sadness in her eyes especially as she showed us a picture of her husband. Though she misses her home and her family so much, she keeps fighting with Sohaib. 

Praise the Lord for Sohaib‘s fast recovery and his amazing grandmother and please pray for a fast reunion with the family back home.