A strong girl

The day began with the Echo of our beautiful Israa. She arrived at the hospital dressed up and with a huge smile on her face as always. Even though she recognizes the hospital she is never scared or sad to be there. Her smile keeps shining while she is running around and playing joyfully. As we went into her Echo Israa’s mood changed, tears started running down her face.

Her father reacted quickly and gave her a bottle with milk which calmed her down, the tears on her face dried up. Israa collected all her strength and stood through the whole Echo without crying. Her smart eyes scanned the room and the machine next to her. Her fear had turned into curiosity and she seemed to feel safe knowing her father was beside her. Furthermore, she wasn’t only accompanied by her earthly father, but also by her heavenly Father. She knew that she was safe and never alone.

“The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?“ Psalm 27,1

As we left the Echo room all fears were forgotten and Israa started playing and laughing again. Her beautiful spirit filled the waiting area and spread to other children as well. Halbast, who was finished with his first appointment, was invited to eat an orange with Israa.

She stood in front of him with a bright smile on her face, holding up the orange her father had given to her. After her chat with Halbast, Israa invited Neena to eat some fruit together.

The two shared an apple sisterly and continued to play in the same manner. In the end Israa’s smile continued on her way back to the Shevet home. She will soon have her next surgery. We pray she will never lose her smile.