A strong mother

We prayed this morning for Adam and his mother ahead of today’s appointment, which was his first echo after surgery and also a blood test. I remembered that previously the medical staff had difficulty finding a vein for placing a cannula for Adam, and how hard this was also for his mum to hear.

In hospital today, we started the day in good spirits, laughing together at Adam wearing a mask, as we waited for the blood test to start. The nurses worked very hard to try and take blood for Adam, and I think at least 5 nurses attempted without any success. It was very sad to see Adam crying and his mum fighting back her own tears as she was unable to give him any comfort. After over an hour and a half, we were released with apologies from the nurses who were unable to take any blood. Finally Adam’s mum was able to gather him close to her, and breath and cry into him, finally able to comfort him.

We returned upstairs for Adam’s echo. This brought very nice news as the cardiologist said Adam’s heart and surgery result was “beautiful” and that he is happy to reduce Adam’s medication with a view to being able to discharge him after two weeks. The mother was pleased to hear it, and the final blessing was to hear that the doctor felt that it wouldn’t be necessary to attempt the blood test again today. At this news she breathed huge sighs of relief, and started to cry again. Then I shed a few tears with her! She is a very loving and kind mother, and it has been terrible to see her distress for her baby during his blood tests.

Thank God that He is with us always and that Adam’s heart it looking good so far.