A Stronger Heart

When I arrived at  the hospital I could see a large group of Shevet children and their families. Today was a really busy day at the hospital. Because we had four echos, two visits, two surgeries, and two new families arriving. One of the echos was for our little sweet Bilind. When I saw him he was sleeping in the arms of his loving grandma. The nurses  took vital signs, ECG, and an echo. So Bilind and his grandmother had a long wait for the doctor. Finally the doctor called us. The doctor wanted to see Bilind to check his stomach and there was a little bit of trouble communicating Bilind’s condition to his grandmother. She was very worried because Bilind is only 2 months old and he has been crying a lot and his stomach is a little hard sometimes. Bilind has reflux and colic, which is so common in babies like Bilind. He is taking medication to help this condition. The doctor was very pleased with Bilind’s heart today.  The doctor said his heart looks stronger than the last echo. So he decreased the medication and he is going to have the next follow-up in two weeks. Hopefully after that he can go home.

Grandma was very happy to know that soon they can go home. Please pray for our little Bilind’s stomach problems and for his complete and soon recovery and for strength for his grandmother.