A successful Catheterization

Fayez’ catheterisation was postponed this week due to a very long surgery. Today, however he headed into the cath lab in the care of the medical team of Sheba Medical Center, to dilate the stent placed in his last surgery.

Mum was quite worried about this procedure, more worried than I have seen her even for his big surgeries.

It was lovely to spend time with his mum during the three hour wait while Fayez he was in the procedure, and we admired all the decorations and snacks for Hanukkah!

Finally he emerged from the procedure. The doctor explained that it was completely successful, and was very pleased that they had decided to go ahead with it, as there had been a lot of stenosis.

Fayez woke up hungry, and he is recovering well now in the newly re-opened Intermediate Cardiac Unit.