A successful Catheterization for Huda

This morning our cute Huda underwent a Catheterization in Sheba Hospital. I met Huda’s mother in the waiting area. Knowing my Kurdish is limited, I was very thankful for another Kurdish mother who assisted in translation for us and was accompanying Huda’s mother from the start. But she could not stay with us the whole time and soon left us. Huda’s mother was very sad. God met us however, in a most unusual way and I’m so thankful and glad to share how He did this.

We were not a long time alone, when a lady came to the hospital to see Huda’s mother. She was like fresh water to us. She gave many hugs to Huda’s worried mother and gave her encouragement. She did this speaking in Arabic, as she also did not speak Kurdish. She brought us coffee and biscuits too. In the midst of all this supportive kindness, I had to think about the Shevet Achim verse from Psalm 133, “BEHOLD HOW GOOD AND HOW PLEASANT IT IS, FOR BROTHERS TO DWELL TOGETHER IN UNITY.”

It was also a blessing from God that we didn’t wait a long time for Huda’s return. A doctor came to speak to us and explained what was accomplished. The Catheterization was successful. The Lovely Huda will be needing some medicine for her vascular system. Her mother was so happy to see her daughter. When we came to the ICU on the sixth floor, the sweet girl was awake. Her mummy could give her milk to drink right away. She could immediately care for her beloved Huda. The blessed girl was also without oxygen.

All the glory to our God! Thank you so much for your prayers for they are effective!