A successful catheterization for Khader

Today, co-worker Georgia and I went to Sheba Medical Center to see little Khader and to keep his mother company during the waiting time while Khader was in his catheterization procedure. When we met his mother, she told us her lovely boy was already in his room and doing well. What a surprise.

Later, I went to the secondary pediatric ICU to see little Khader. I spoke with the nurse who told me Khader’s cath was successful today. The doctors were able to dilate his pulmonary artery. They are planning also his next surgery. This will be in the near future, God willing.

The cute boy looked like he hadn’t even had a catheterization today! He was eating as I came to him.  It was so nice to see him in a good condition. His mother was very pleased about this!

We bless beautiful Khader and his mother, and ask God for His watch over the next treatment and the next time this beautiful family is here in Israel.