A successful Catheterization for little Salma

At 8 o’clock in the morning, it was time for Salma’s cath. When I arrived to Sheba it was to assist Salma’s loving mother in the waiting time, and the doctors had already been in the procedure for two hours.  I arrived with co-workers Georgia and Alena, and this kind mother was sitting peacefully in the waiting area and was happy to see us. I spent most of the waiting time alone with her, so we didn’t talk that much because of the language barriers. For a while, Alena joined us and because she speaks some Arabic, the three of us were able to talk a little a bit, and spent a more or less pleasant time together.

The catheterisation lasted about four hours and went well. However, the doctors did not remove Salma’s stent, but widened her arteries. One of the doctors explained what was done in Arabic and then again to me in English, although I didn’t even ask him to do so. Salma’s pulmonary arteries are in good condition and big enough, so not much needed to be done there. Her oxygen is between 70-80 percent. The doctor said that if she stays in this condition for the next two months, then she can be operated on and they will have to decide at that time what kind of surgery they will do.

Thank God that everything went well today and that he provided Salma’s mother with calmness and patience. Little Salma is now in the Secondary Pediatric ICU. When I went to her room after the catheterisation, she was awake and asleep, sort of in an inbetween state, which was probably because she was still tired from the anaesthesia.

Her mother took loving care of her and was very happy to have her little daughter back with her. She immediately called her husband and showed him their Salma. He was also very happy to see his precious daughter, and to learn that the cath had worked out well. She is a very sweet adorable little girl with loving parents.

Your prayers for her and her peaceful mum are very much appreciated. Pray that Salma will continue to be in a good condition and the doctors will make a wise decision as to what to do next.