A successful surgery

Today we are praising God, that after a long series of delays, our sweet little friend Hena finally had her surgery at Sheba hospital! This is especially exciting news for her family, who are so eager for their baby girl to come home after six months in Israel. The successful surgery today was to place a second stent in Hena’s heart in preparation for her to return home for six months before returning to have her Glenn operation.

Hena was all smiles this morning before her surgery. The house felt so quiet yesterday without her giggles, and it was so good to see her beautiful smile.

We are especially thanking God for Hena’s uncle and the love and care he has given her in the midst of so many delays and frustrations, including a last-minute postponement yesterday morning, when Hena was originally scheduled to go into surgery. This morning, when we asked how he was doing in the hospital, he shrugged and said, “As long as Hena gets her surgery today, everything is very good.”

I can’t quite describe the relief and joy we all felt when the doctor finally came out to announce that the surgery was finished and everything was good. I found myself close to tears as I walked to her room with her uncle, and again when I sent the text to our Jaffa staff that our beautiful girl was out of surgery.

Praise God for his perfect love and provision for this precious little girl. Hena’s successful surgery is truly an answered prayer for all of us here at Shevet who have grown to love this sweet little girl so very much. Please join us in praying that her follow-up echo will show good results so she and her uncle can return home to their family.