A successful surgery for a selfless mom

The day of Ramyar’s surgery has come. In the months leading up to it, Ramyar’s mother continually put the other families before herself. She said to Maryam’s mum, “I want you to go before me.” As Adleen went in for surgery a few weeks earlier, she said that for her it is no problem to wait. Although the wait was hard, and would be for any parent, she was so kind and selfless all the way through.

This morning Ramyar went into surgery at 8:30. She was really crying as we held one another. And for a little while she wept, but as her husband called she was able to take support from him.
Afterwards she showed me pictures of her family in Kurdistan. I saw how much she adores her children, and the sacrifices she’s made as being here with Ramyar meant she missed her daughter’s first birthday.

After about two hours of waiting we were joined by Iman and her mum who had an echo today. When Ramyar’s mother saw Iman’s mother they embraced and once again she started to weep. Dayki Iman could empathize with her completely. She knew the agonizing wait, wondering what was going on, and if your child is okay. They are good friends, so being together for some time was very special.

At 12 the surgeon came out to say that the surgery was successful- they were able to fix his valve, and did not have to replace it!  Thank you God for this outcome.