A successful surgery of five hours

Asmeen’s heart surgery was planned for last Sunday at Sheba Medical Center, but was re-scheduled for today. Co-worker Carina and I went to the hospital to spend the waiting time with Asmeen’s mother. While Asmeen was in surgery, we found her mom to be very upset. When she saw us, she fell crying into my arms. But after a while she calmed down a bit and stopped crying.

Even though I don’t speak any Kurdish, we were able to spend a good amount of quality time while we waited. We sipped coffee and tea together and I thanked God we were able to talk at least a little bit together and understood each other from specific contexts. It was a mix of German, English and Kurdish, it was a good fellowship together.

The whole surgery of Asmeen took about five hours and thank God, everything went well. After the doctors brought her out of the surgery area, they moved Asmeen to the 6th floor. Her mother and I still had to wait in the waiting room for half an hour as staff prepared everything. We spent that time with me learning some Kurdish, and her learning some English which was fun and difficult at the same time for us both. After half an hour, we were able to get into the ICU.

The surgery was successful, thanks be to God. Please continue to pray for the lovely mother of Asmeen, that she would remain at peace, and for the precious life of little Asmeen, that for the next 24-48 hours, all concerned would be wise and vigilant as they care over this critical time of Asmeen’s recovery.