A successful third surgery

At eight o’clock in the morning, our beautiful Asmaa went into her third surgery, this time for a complete valve replacement. Her grandmother was lightly weeping in sadness over giving Asmaa over to the hands of surgeons for the third time.

I made us tea as we settled in for the hours ahead; we looked at pictures and videos of Asmaa, and she took occasional phone calls from family back in Kurdistan, including her son, Asmaa’s dad.

Initially I thought the surgery would go for five hours, but four hours later, the surgeon came out along with a cardiologist, she said ‘Basha!’ which means good in Kurdish. They explained that the valve replacement had gone well, and they will observe her for the next few days to make sure it is working well. Lord willing, the doctor said, she will not need another surgery for a long time. Co-worker Georgia, joined us as we waited; there was a collective joy over the finishing of Asmaa’s – hopefully – last surgery for this time in Israel! Asmaa’s grandma started to call her family in Kurdistan to tell them this wonderful news!

It was another two hours before Asmaa was out of the O.R. and stabilized in her room that her grandmother could go in to see her. Thank you God for no complications during the operation, and may this artificial valve hold and be sustained through the years! We pray for rest for both Asmaa and her grandmother!