A successful VSD closure and pacemaker placement

Awmed underwent a second surgery at Sheba Medical Center today. In the morning they transported him from the ICU to the operating room with his concerned grandmother trailing right behind the crib as it rolled down the hall and into the surgery area. There are two sets of electric double doors, one that you can go through with the team, and the second where, after the anesthesia is administered, the child is taken to the room of the operation. When Awmed was wheeled through the second set, his grandmother wept as she had to release him at that point.

We retraced our steps to some empty chairs outside the operation area as the waiting began. In the middle of the surgery, Awmed’s grandma was messaging back and forth with her family in Kurdistan, including Awmed’s young parents. A combination of Awmed having another surgery, and knowing he’ll need a pacemaker replacement in five years, affected her deeply. It means she and Awmed’s parents will have to be continually adjusting their collective hopes for this beloved child’s future and thinking in advance of all the “what if’s.”

I wrote last week in the Shevet Achim weekly digital ‘Prayer Update,’ that in lieu of one of Awmed’s parents being with him, his grandmother is exactly the person that you would want taking care of a baby, especially in the midst of a complicated recovery. Co-worker Georgia and I reiterated those words today.

At one point, grandma was scrolling through her phone and came across a picture of Awmed she had sent. She stopped scrolling and her eyes concentrated on his smiling face in the photograph, she kissed it as she cried.

She faced a very difficult day with such steadiness. At the end of the day came the relieving news that the surgery was done. Doctors were able to close Awmed’s VSD, in addition to successfully implanting a pacemaker.

Thank you for praying for this beautiful family, and please continue to hold them in your prayers.