A surgery and a sweet goodbye

Eva’s case continues to confuse doctors at Sheba Hospital as they try to find a cause for her low blood oxygen levels, but are having a difficult time. Yesterday’s catheterization seemed to not solve the issue, and while doctors were planning on waiting to see if she would adjust after a bit of time, her oxygen levels are too inconsistent and they may move to a surgery tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s surgery, if it happens, will likely just reroute some bloodflow and veins to get more blood to pass through Eva’s lungs, which is the main problem right now. Her heart is in good working order according to the echos, but they simply need more oxygen in her blood.

On a less medical, more sweet note, Eva’s mother got to say goodbye to our volunteering Bagley family when they stopped by the hospital on their way back to their own home. It was nice seeing them get to talk and comfort one another, they have grown very close. The Bagley’s three daughters were sad they could not see Eva, who has become like a baby sister to them. It was especially touching getting to see Eva’s mother holding the Bagley’s youngest; six year old Linnea. I hope I can come to Kurdistan in the future and get to see Eva as big as her, still being held and babied by her mother, living a full and healthy life.

We are praying constantly for Eva, that we will see her healed and returned home to her family, and we rely on the grace and mercy of God for this.