A surgery of repairing

Today as I walked out of the elevator I saw Ahmed‘s grandmother praying.  Ahmed was finally having his surgery and had been in surgery since 8 o‘clock. We were very happy to hear that this long-awaited surgery was taking place. The next few hours were filled with getting tea, talking to the other grandmas and praying for Ahmed. Sitting there together and having a community which is with us in prayer really gave me strength. The prayers are perceptible and even the grandma was noticing this.

The surgery took very long. The doctors were able to repair the aortic interruption and also to switch the arteries. It was a full and successful repair in only one surgery. They did an echo which was also satisfactory. Tomorrow they will try to extubate him.

Since the grandma heard this good news the look on her face changed from fear to joy. I heard the word “El-hamdalula“ a  thousand times and joined her in celebrating the good news.  Ahmed had to go through a lot for his young age but our awsome God never let him alone and carried him through everything. Everytime I‘m waiting for a surgery to be over I just have a peace in me which can only come from God and it is so great to share this with the family while giving them hugs and strength.
I‘m very thankful for God’s work in Ahmed’s life. Still, his fight isn’t over yet. He and his grandma need prayers to recover from this hard time. We serve a God of rest and I believe that only in Him can we find that rest. Pray that they can find their rest in God too.