A Surprise Outcome!

Praise God for lovely Sahand! He has such a sweet and gentle spirit, and is so much fun to be with. Today was his hospital appointment, and as he went into the ECG room and started to cry, I suddenly thought how could I have forgotten everything I’ve been told about Sahand in his last echos?! The poor boy had to be sedated for the initial appointment as he was so distressed. My thoughts went towards his father, who hadn’t shown any sign of worry about the next hour… And I watched as he got out all of his “provisions” for the appointment (drinks and a light up bubble gun), and felt so pleased that God knows Sahand so well, to have given him to such a caring father.

Sahand again found the ECG and the echo quite upsetting, but responded reasonably well to our combined effort of calming measures, and so the doctor was easily able to get all of the necessary assessments done. Thank God; he heard my prayers for this lovely boy.

We heard the good news that Sahand’s heart is looking very good, and there is no longer any fluid around the heart. The doctor was especially pleased that the pulmonary valve has not been cut, and so this may continue to work well throughout Sahand’s life, so the prognosis is good.

So, the surprise was that the doctor was happy for Sahand’s next follow up appointment to be in Kurdistan! Originally we had booked another echo for next week, but after some further discussion, this plan was changed.

Julio enjoyed joking with the father that the doctor had changed his mind and he needed to stay for a further fortnight(!) before explaining the new outcome that he can go home. This brought us all a lot of laughter!

So, praise God for bringing a healing into Sahand’s heart! We love this beautiful boy and will be sad to wave goodbye to him soon, but full of joy for the good works which God has done, and that he can return to his family.

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will work in the hearts of Sahand and his father and that they will have a revelation of Jesus.