A Surprising Turn of Events

In our last update, we told about Asmeen’s successful MRI and asked for prayer in a quick surgery date for her hernia. However, since then the plot has been flipped on its head. A few days after the MRI, I received an oblique text from Asmeen’s doctor, saying that there was no hernia, and surgery was impossible. 

A few days later, I was able to get to the doctor’s office and have a meeting with him. He told me that the MRI had revealed that what had, at first—and also second and third—glance seemed to be a hernia was nothing of the sort. There was neither hole nor loosening in Asmeen’s muscle wall. Instead, her liver is simply very, very large. Although enlarged liver is a semi-frequent consequence of heart conditions like Asmeen’s, hers is a real whopper. But her doctor is not concerned over this condition. He says any pain she feels is likely just the result of pressure from her liver on other organs, but as she grows this will hopefully dissipate. I asked the doctor several times about potential surgeries, treatments, and the consequences of leaving the enlarged liver unaddressed, and he was firm that there was nothing to be done about it. Any surgery would be pointlessly invasive or destructive; there is no problem to be resolved, because everything is functioning properly. 

I expressed this to Asmeen’s mother later that night. She was at first startled by the news, then quick to ask me for details, expressing her worry that there were problems which would be exacerbated in Kurdistan, potentially becoming dangerous to Asmeen’s life. But I reported to her carefully everything the doctor had said to me, and she grew relieved and hopeful; and then she wept at the understanding that, after ten months in Israel, her and Asmeen’s treatment was finally over.

They’re with us now for just a few precious more days before finally returning home to Kurdistan. We thank God for Asmeen’s delivery and this news; now we’ll try our best to enjoy the time we have left with them.