A sweet and special time in the ICU

It was a really beautiful time with Halbast’s mum in the hospital today. I don’t exactly know how to describe it, or why it came to be like this, but sitting with her on either side of little Halbast, with hardly any words in the same language, it was a sweet and special time. She cried a few silent tears as we sat there, looking at Halbast. He has been intubated again, and she described to me that she had seen his oxygen levels drop.

The nurse today told us that Halbast has quite a lot of fluid around his lungs, and he needs to have another drainage tube put in. But she also had good news, that Halbast’s heart is looking good and it’s possible that they can try and extubate him again tomorrow.

The other good news is that they are hoping it will be just this one surgery that Halbast needs. Halbast’s mum lit up with this news, as some of the other children have needed more than one surgery. It was good to share that time with her.

I prayed that Halbast’s mum would be able to trust in God that this difficult time, that He holds and knows the future for Halbast.